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WizzDom PC Wireless Network Installation

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The two different types of Computer Networking choose from Both with their own set of pros and cons let us know which one works for you in your unique situation.

WIRELESS Computer Networking

Want to break free from your Ethernet shackles and connect to the world without wires? We can help get your new or existing network up and running and with proper security measures to make sure your personal information is safe from prying eyes.

Computer Networking Information

Wireless Networks
Pros Cons
    • The greater mobility of wireless LANs helps offset the performance disadvantage. Mobile computers do not need to be tied to an Ethernet cable and can roam freely within the WLAN range.
    • It is relatively easy to set up a WAP and configure a WNIC using a wireless connection utility.
    • Wireless networks have much less cabling which leads to a much neater working environment. You do not need to run cables across your house/office, which can create trip hazards across rooms, hallways and stairs. Also choosing to set-up a wireless network means that you do not need to run cables underneath carpets or drill holes through walls or ceilings to pass cables through.
    • Speed is still a big concern
    • Very limited range
    • Security more vulnerable

WIRED Computer Networking

We will install single or multiple video, audio and or data lines throughout your home or office. We will test the lines to ensure there are no errors, static or interference.

Wired Networks
Pros Cons
    • Ethernet cables, hubs and switches are very inexpensive.
    • Some connection sharing software packages, like ICS, are free.
    • Ethernet cables, hubs and switches are extremely reliable.
    • Wired LANs offer superior performance.
    • Broadband routers offer equivalent firewall capability built into the device, configurable through its own software.
    • Wired connections can reach networking speeds of up to 1000 Mbps with Gigabit Ethernet networking equipment, necessary for bandwidth hungry.
    • Need to run cables in difficult environments through walls, floors and ceilings.
    • Cables need to be run from computer to computer and switch to switch. Process can be time consuming.
  • Loose cables likely remain the single most common and annoying source of failure in a wired network.
Wired Wireless
Installation moderate difficulty easier, but beware interference
Cost depends on the amount of computers Less overall
Reliability high reasonably high still much lower
Performance very good good
Security reasonably good reasonably good
Mobility limited outstanding

Computer Networking Options

Cabling Installation

We will install single or multiple data lines throughout your home or office.

Wireless Networking

We can come and setup your wireless network at your home or office.


wire is the most widely used medium for all telecommunication.


Computer Networking Bradenton fl 

Certified Technicians

WizzDom Pc Computer Repair Technicians are fully trained and certified in their specific area of expertise. Every Technician has more than 5 years field experience and has passed an extensive background and reference check. We hire only the best Service Technicians so that you can be guaranteed quality service by highly trained, safe and respectable Technicians who stay true to our mission and promise to offer affordable and quality services you will be satisfied with.

WizzDom PC Computer Repair Bradenton FL goes above and beyond your basic computer repair and IT service. WizzDom PC Computer Repair offers reliable same-day onsite computer repair and IT service with low rates and experienced staff.

Contact WizzDom PC Computer Repair Bradenton FL to see what they can do for you. WizzDom PC Computer Repair’s friendly staff is happy to answer any questions you may have

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