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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you build it, they will come – Not Exactly! We are Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Building your web site is just the beginning. Search Engine Optimization Bradenton  improves how your website interacts with search engines, thereby boosting your overall search engine placement. First, you want to make sure your site is optimized. Research shows that a large portion of traffic comes from search engines. You want that traffic to come to you!

Search Engine Optimization includes: (hourly rate)

(If we design your site, we can build it into your pages from the start, putting you ahead of the game from the beginning! If you have an existing site, and know you need SEO, we’ll take a look at your site and give you an estimate on the amount of time needed.)

  • Analyzing and generating keywords.
  • Adding keywords in your title tags, body text, Meta tags, and graphic image tags.
  • Adding hypertext navigation links to the bottom of all your pages.

Search Engine Optimization Bradenton fl FAQ’s:

Q: Why is my title tag important?
A: Your site title shows up in the blue bar at the top of your browser. Your title is the number one place a search engine looks for keywords. By placing a title tag in your site’s coding, you control what the user sees at the top of their browser, and increase your chances that search engines will list your site when your keywords are searched.

Q: Why is quality body text important?
A: A large part of the way search engines rank your site is according to your keyword density. This means how many times your keywords show up within your body text. If there is no quality body text, the search engines deem your site as not having valuable information for its users, and do not score you favorably.

Q: What are Meta tags? Why are they important?
A: Meta tags are lines in your site’s coding that tell search engines about your site. The two most important Meta tags are your “keywords” and “description”. The keywords tag simply lists all the keywords that you think people will use to search out your site. There are several ways to generate keywords, but one of the simplest and most effective ways is simply asking others what words they would type in to look for you! Your description is what the search engine displays as a summary of your site under your site title when its listed by the engine. If you don’t include this tag, the search engine will usually display whatever it finds within the first few lines of your coding. Normally the first few lines of coding are your navigation, thus your description can look like a bunch of nonsense. Users are more likely to click on a site with a description that is concise, especially if they are on dial-up and don’t want to waste time clicking on sites that are not what they are looking for.

Q: What are graphic image tags? Why are they important?
A: Have your ever rested your cursor over a picture on a website, and noticed a box with descriptive text pop up? That is a graphic image tag. It is an excellent place to add keywords, thus increasing your keyword density on a page, and increasing your chances that search engines will rank your site higher.



Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization



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 Do you need Search Engine Optimization Specialist ?  You Decide

For most businesses today, SEO is the highest ROI marketing effort. The benefits it provides exceed the value of other marketing approaches – direct mailing, broadcast advertising, online ads, etc.

No longer do businesses decide whether they need Search Engine Optimization Specialist services. Instead, they decide how much they’re going to spend. As long as they choose a quality SEO agency, their decision will lead to incredible amounts of revenue.

You can decide how much that’s worth to you.




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