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Website & Hosting Frequently Asked Questions

Domain Names

Q: What is a domain name?
A: Think of it as your address on the computer. (Just like the address on your mailbox.)

Q: Any advice on choosing a domain name?
A: Try to include keywords in your domain. Your domain should specify exactly what you do. If your company name does not reflect that, then try adding a keyword to it. (i.e. JaneDoe.com does not tell anyone what you do, but JaneDoeRealtor.com does.)


Q: What is a host?
A: Think of it as the house in which your website resides.


Q: Why do I want my email to be myname@mybusiness.com?
A: Several reasons:

  • It makes people type your name and your business name! Therefore, they are more likely to remember you!
  • It sounds permanent! Using a free address such as myname@hotmail.com leaves them wondering if you’ll be out of business soon, or have only been in business a short time.
  • People that use free addresses are the same ones who say, “I’m not very good at computers.” Technically savvy people say, “I’ll have my tech people look into that.” Which of these two businesses would YOU choose?
  • Your business should not depend on a free email provider. You can’t fire Yahoo!
  • You can use your catch-all email account that comes with your hosting to indentify spammers, thus eliminating them!

Q: I don’t want to learn another email program. I like what I have.
A: With our hosting, you can have your myname@mybusiness.com and choose to either forward it to whatever mail you prefer using, send it to your Outlook or Outlook Express, or use our webmail.


Q: What is a template?
A: It is the graphics on your site that stay consistent throughout. Components usually include your banner/logo at the top of the page, your navigation, and your footer.

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“Complete Package” Solution

This is our top package everything you will need

New Web Design

Let us design a custom-designed Website  to suit your particular needs

Web site Marketing

E-mail Campaigns, Blogs, Social Media, Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

eCommerce Package

Everything you will need to start selling your products right away

Update Web Design

Let us Redesign your pre-existing website

Domain Names & Hosting

Two things you must have are a domain name and hosting

Basic Package

The great place to start your web presence

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

the current standards and best practices to Maximize search engine exposure.

Maintenance & Updates

Refresh, refresh, refresh! Web sites should be updated on a regular basis

logo-wizzd.300Certified Technicians

WizzDom Pc Computer Repair Technicians are fully trained and certified in their specific area of expertise. Every Technician has more than 5 years field experience and has passed an extensive background and reference check. We hire only the best Service Technicians so that you can be guaranteed quality service by highly trained, safe and respectable Technicians who stay true to our mission and promise to offer affordable and quality services you will be satisfied with.

WizzDom PC Computer Repair Bradenton FL goes above and beyond your basic computer repair and IT service. WizzDom PC Computer Repair offers reliable same-day onsite computer repair and IT service with low rates and experienced staff.

Contact WizzDom PC Computer Repair Bradenton FL to see what they can do for you. WizzDom PC Computer Repair’s friendly staff is happy to answer any questions you may have


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